Greetings VU Faculty and Staff!

Welcome to the AQIP Action Project—Learn in Order to Serve Blog for the Kathleen Gabriel’s Teaching Unprepared Students Committee.  Here you will find helpful links to some of the supplemental activities mentioned in Gabriel’s book as well as additional resources related to teaching unprepared college students.  We hope that you will take the time to peruse the library of educational resources and continue to come back each week for new and exciting links.  Please feel free to leave comments and questions about Gabriel’s book and take a look at what other VU staff, faculty, and administrators have to say. Now is the perfect time to begin thinking about questions related to the teaching of under-prepared college freshmen since Kathleen Gabriel will be visiting our campus for a workshop in early January!

Enjoy the classroom resources listed under “Blogroll.”  Please check back weekly for updates.  Get a copy of Gabriel’s book (see your division committee member for a copy or leave a post on our blog) and join the discussion!


Dr. Misty Standage

Kathleen Gabriel Task Force, Chair